Pure Barre Partners With Precision Media to Design and Build All New Pure Barre Sound Systems!

PURE BARRE SOUND SYSTEM: We are also here to support you after you have installed your system with any questions or problems that may arise. Music is integral to the technique, and in order to ensure the same level of quality nationwide, every store gets a uniform system. Header image with words conveying partnership between Pure Barre and Precision Media The sound system below has been created with the following in mind: Samson Sound System 054 1) High-quality equipment that will sound great and last given the high-level of usage, 2) Absolute minimal amount of buttons possible, yet achieve all required functionality. The knobs and buttons that are used are even pre-labeled for you. 3) No exposed wires which is not only better for aesthetics, but there is no chance of someone accidentally bumping or disconnecting anything. 4) Bare Minimum installation time required since each kit is pre-built and tested prior to shipping. All that is required is mounting the speakers, running speaker wires, and plugging in the power strip. That’s it! 5) ALL parts needed to build the system are included down to the tiniest details including bolts, wire, iPod dock, etc… even extra wind screens for the wireless mics. That means no last minute trips to home depot to try to piece together the system the night before opening day.  The only thing we do NOT supply is the iPod itself. 1 - Wood Rack Case (allows entire system to be pre-built and shipped complete) 1 - 250w x2 Rack Mount Amplifier 2 - JBL Control 28 Black Speakers 5 - Toggle bolts to mount speakersJBL 28 speakers 1 - Rack mounted Fitness Audio Mixer 2 - Samson Wireless Aerobic Headset Mics w/ AAA Batteries (Includes a FULL 2nd backup mic system!) 5 - Extra wind screens for headset mics (one for each instructor) 1 - Lockable Rack Drawer to store manual, iPod remote, headsets, extra batteries, etc. 1 - Power/Surge Unit 1 - Apple iPod Universal Docking station with remote control and iPod charger 1 - 5 year Advanced Replacement Warranty (not including microphones) *See order form for details* Misc Items: 2 - Rolls of in-wall speaker cabling. Note this cabling is NOT plenum. Notify us if you require plenum. 1 - All interconnect cabling is pre-done for you. 1 - Installation Guide 1 - Troubleshooting Guide  Pricing: Samson Sound System 051Pure Barre negotiated cost of kit w/ advance replacement warranty, and shipping price included is: $3,350. It is very important that you contact us 6-8 weeks before you need your sound system kit to allow ample time for products to ship and the kit to be built. Download the Appropriate Form on the Top Right-Hand Side of this Page

How to order:

Fill out the online order form (above) and e-mail it to Julie@precisionav.net or Brichards@precisionav.net.

Or fax it to-
Fax: 303-253-9580
Attn: Brian Richards at Precision Media

Or call Julie Cyr at 716-228-6655 and she'll take the order by phone.

Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX are accepted, along with checks that can be mailed to:

Precision Media
1940 S. Routt Ct.
Lakewood, CO 80227

Feel free to call us with any questions at all.  

We are also here to support you after you have installed your system with any questions  or problems that may arise.