Automation Systems: Total Control at Your Fingertips

How would you like to have total control of your home or office environment at your fingertips? With Precision Media's residential or commercial automation systems, you can. Our total home technology can afford you the pleasure of being able to control everything - lights, drapes, shades, temperature, and audio/visual systems - with just a touch. Image of a living room with beige sofa and chair facing a big wide screened television for home automation systemsAt Home: Imagine being able to pre-program your shades to open and close automatically at certain times of the day or evening, or being able to walk into a dark hallway and have the lights automatically come on to illuminate your path. Think about being able to adjust your home climate, lighting, and av systems from your smart phone half-way across the country. Believe it or not it can be done, and Precision Media can do it. At the Office: With the push of a button or the touch of your finger, the lights dim, the blinds close and a huge screen comes down. Another click and the presentation begins. It's time to get down to business. Think for a moment how convenient and how effective these automated tools would be for your business. Precision Media can add comfort, convenience and class to your home or business environment with our automation systems and solutions. Give us a call today at (727) 275-0441 and let's discuss the possibilities. We look forward to hearing from you.

Video: Home Automation

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